Title I-A

Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Title I, Part A, provides resources to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education, resulting in their attainment of high academic standards. Title I targets resources to districts and schools whose needs are the greatest. The program is the largest ESEA program supporting both elementary and secondary education. The USDE allocates funds based on census poverty rates from ages 5 through 17. Essentially, Title I focuses on providing additional instructional time in the areas of reading and math. Eligibility is based on statutory formulas.

Title I-A Staff

Name Title Email Extension
Amy Beruan Director, Federal Programs ajberuan@aurorak12.org 28474
Sherry Hinkle-Carlson Assistant to the Director, Federal Programs smhinkle-carlson@aurorak12.org 28418
David Schneiderman Title I Coordinator drschneiderman@aurorak12.org 28452
Joey Willett Title I Coordinator jjwillett@aurorak12.org 28797
Cookie Hansen     District Family Liaison kshansen@aurorak12.org 28472
Kris Riley Federal Programs Technician kkriley@aurorak12.org 28398
Trisha A. Bailey McKinney-Vento Advocate tabailey@aurorak12.org  25645
Alana Ahart McKinney-Vento Advocate amahart@aurorak12.org 27421
Daniel Walendzik McKinney-Vento Advocate djwalendzik@aurorak12.org 27032
Amy Singleton McKinney-Vento Advocate asingleton@aurorak12.org 64879
Menghisteab Berhane Family Liaison, Special Populations MTBERHANE@aurorak12.org Email only
Khagendra Mishra Family Liaison, Special Populations KMISHRA@aurorak12.org Email only
Mya Win Family Liaison, Special Populations MWIN@aurorak12.org Email only

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